March 9, 2015

JMP | The Garcia’s are Expecting! – Miami Maternity Photography

Hi Y’all! Happy Monday! 🙂 I’m *so* excited to share the Garcia Family’s maternity session with you guys! So… the baby was already born… and I’m currently editing the session… but I figured I’d share these with you guys first! 🙂 I have known Mike (dad) for over 10 years! – high school friends!- I said this on my facebook and IG already but… one of my favorite parts of this job is my ability to see and photograph old friends that I have known since *way* before any of us thought of ever being old enough to have a family! It’s the sweetest thing to watch these people, who I remember being *teenagers* and sometimes even little kids with grow up to have a beautiful family and a beautiful life…. this little family was no exception… His wife Melissa is amazeballs… with each text she sends me… I continuously crack up… she trusted me with this session… and she fully trusted me with her newborn and both were very magical! <3 I hope you enjoy these!

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