May 1, 2014

JMP | Fall Mini Sessions!

Hi There! So… so much has happened since I last posted over at my old blog! (If you want to check that out click here) I got accepted into graduate school at FIU, I did two mini sessions; one for fall and one for the holidays. I attended a newborn workshop with Stephanie Williams Cotta  (I’ll post on that later), the holidays came & went… the New Year began and I started hardest semester I decided to have another squirrel moment and completely change not only the design of my website, but the hosting, and structure of it to. Hmm.. I changed my prices, offered newborn incentives, and hard had a social life. So ya see… I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long… *but* I’m back! And my first post is in honor of throw back thursday… so I’m throwing it back to the fall & holiday mini sessions… hope you enjoy them! & if you want to stay up to date with mini session promotions, sales, incentives, giveaways etc… all you have to do is follow my Facebook and Instagram!

Fall Minis:

So we never really have “fall” here in Miami but boy are us Miamians *determined* to make! LOL It was *very* hot outside, and I am ever so grateful for my patient and awesome clients that day!

IMG_1370IMG_1415IMG_1542IMG_1678IMG_1564-bwIMG_1600IMG_1627IMG_1713IMG_2193-bwIMG_2108IMG_2239IMG_2243IMG_2310-bwIMG_2286IMG_1451& Here are the Holiday Ones 🙂

IMG_0536IMG_0931-bwIMG_0930IMG_0921IMG_0907-bwIMG_0891 editedIMG_0840-bwIMG_0833-bwIMG_0807IMG_0795-bwIMG_0770IMG_0720IMG_0704IMG_0687IMG_0663IMG_0616IMG_0611IMG_0588