June 13, 2016

Best Oops Ever | Miami Maternity Session

I know I haven’t blogged in a while (shame on me!) – but in light of all the tragedy that has occurred over the weekend with the Orlando terrorist acts, I’ve decided to blog something fun!

Forgive me if my blog is a little all over the place – it has been a while and I have a lot of thoughts running through my brain all at once this second lol But here goes:

Diana & Alex (whom I will refer to as “Bugs” going further lol): … I don’t think I have ever met two people so incredibly perfect for each other – but it wasn’t always perfect. These two went from being best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend (in high school?) and back to best friends for a long – LONG time before they made the conscious decision to be together (more on that in a minute)… and while I only know the story from the bits and pieces she has given me, I have also witnessed it throughout the past few years.

They love to call this time in their lives as “The Best Oops Ever!” – and it is so fitting. Sometimes things happen – sometimes people break apart never to be put back together again, but if you’re lucky… sometimes the opposite happens. Sometimes, you need time apart to grow and become who you are meant to be, before you can become who you are meant to be together… makes sense?

So when two people break apart  to then, years later, make the *conscious* decision to say to each other “that’s it, you are it…” magic happens… and while they made this little decision together, the little peanut they are waiting on wasn’t exactly in the *immediate* plans – hence… best.oops.ever. Because yeah – it was an oops… but it’s the perfect kind, the kind of oops made from friendship, love, and a little silliness in between.. 😉

When I got the very random text that said “So you’re one of the first to know aside from the family…” – I instantly knew what it was. I don’t think I even gave her the chance to tell me on her own… I just blurted it out “PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE PREGNANT” – lol I knew that I instantly wanted to be a part of this journey with them. We photographed their announcement (which you can find on facebook here )… and it was all kinds of crazy, wacky and fun – and if you don’t know them, you can definitely tell just by looking at these photos!

For the few months between their announcement and maternity session they both teased me about the kinds of photos they wanted – including, but not limited to using “baby mama” and “baby daddy” hats – ya. lol …and I may or may not have embraced this during the session lol 😉

Our session was definitely not short of laughter and silliness with Bugs there – but it was so full of love which radiates through in these photos.

As I said on my caption in their announcement – “One of my favorite things about this job is being able to be a part of my friends becoming parents. They are testament to having patience for love… not only patience with each other… but patience for finding each other again, willingness to follow your heart, and the courage to grab life by the reigns and let the journey take you where you’re meant to go…”



I truly, honestly, cannot wait to meet this little peanut – oh and one more thing – THEY REFUSE TO FIND OUT THE GENDER – eep!