April 16, 2015

JMP | Baby L Miami Newborn Photographer

Good Morning Beauties! It’s been sooo crazy at JMP lately…. I’m so luck to be so busy! My first newborn of the year was this little peanut; Baby L! I photographed her mom, dad & big bro a few months before while she was still waiting to come out… I’ve known her Pops since high school and I’m *so* lucky I get to watch old friends grow up, get married and start families of their own… to look back and remember the dumb crap we used to do as teenagers and to be able to look at the present and realize that we are officially ::gulp: adults… is so crazy to me! Crazy beautiful that is! Baby L was one of JMP’s ROCKSTAR babies… only saw her eyes *once* and that was for a quick feeding in between set ups… it really isn’t a “coincidence” that she was such a rockstar… when parents follow my instructions perfectly, and are super laid back and *trust* me during the session… the amalgamation of all of those factors makes for a perfect, yummy, sleepy newborn! <3

B40A9203B40A9212B40A9230B40A9237B40A9264-2B40A9314Mama Wanted a mermaid… so a mermaid we did ! <3B40A9334B40A9355Sweet little sleepy smiles <3 my favorite!B40A9372More smiles!B40A9382B40A9388B40A9424-2B40A9442B40A9469B40A9486B40A9555B40A9563-2tosiesssssB40A9592-2B40A9606-2B40A9641While mama & baby sis were getting ready, I snuck in a few shots of the boys <3B40A9645-2B40A9676One of my favorite family shots to date… <3B40A9699B40A9716-2B40A9742B40A9788B40A9797-2B40A9818-2