August 8, 2016


You know… I never know how to begin a blog.. Hi? Hey Guys! Today on the blog… I just never know so I usually tend to start it like we were mid-convo. LOL If you have any suggest – please feel free haha – If you remember from one of last weeks post – I photographed this little cuties parents for their baby shower and maternity session.. I was so excited to finally meet this little cutie! When I arrived – I could see the sings of brand new parents – sleepy smiles, messy hair, and a lot of excitement in their eyes! I could tell Mom & Dad followed my pre session instructions because Jax was A DREAM BABY! Barely woke up and when he did, it took less than 5 seconds to ease him back into the milk coma lol Enjoy!

Fun Fact – Daddy is a firefighter & I made SURE we got some fire fighter themed images in there! <3