March 3, 2015

I’m BACK! | Jackelyn Marcos Photography Miami Newborn Photographer

Hi Guys!!

I know I have completely neglected my blog… such a bad girl! It’s just *sah hard* to keep up with everything!! Anyway… lets easy back into this thing… check out baby Gavin… This little nugget was a toughy… but this girl ultimately won & baby boy slept just fine! I was obsessed with his Mama & Papa’s maternity session… which I *will* blog eventually… haha but for now, you can check those out on mah facebook page! I promise to blog more… at least once a week.. so you guys can see all the fun stuff JMP is up to! Also… I will be uploading a blog post soon on a few newborn photography frequently asked questions, myths, facts, and the like… maybe even a giveaway soon?  We’ll see! In the meantime… lets all collectively say “awwww” for these photos of Baby Gavin! <3